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A major cultural value between China and America: Saving Face, excerpted from a YouTube video, entitled “5 Major Differences between America and China,”

June 2020, hosted by Jack Finch

I’m sure you’ve all seen the iconic scenes of New York City traffic jams, horns blaring, two cars have collided and people screaming at each other in the street. Well, in China, cultural values make China a very different place.

Chinese culture has a huge emphasis on saving face. And any kind of public confrontation is pretty much just never done. It’s very rare to see people arguing in the streets and you will 100% never see a fist fight l…. it It’s incredibly rare for people to sue each other or even go to court in China. Both parties have to agree to be in court in order to file a lawsuit. The things have to be pretty tense before it gets to that.

Compare this with the United States, where, well, people sue each other for sneezing the wrong way crazy. There are even stories of motorcyclists in Beijing crashing into each other getting up off the ground looking at each other and then just ride in a way without a single word being said, they just don’t want the hassle of public confrontation.

Tjan Sie Tek
A former licensed stock market analyst and investment advisor with 20+ years experience with M.Sc. in Finance from Leicester University; now a Chinese, US and Indonesian macroeconomic and financial analyst, CEO of Center for New Indonesia (CEFNI).


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