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Freedom in China: the one freedom many Americans don’t have, but we do in China

Excerpted from the YouTube video with the same title, hosted by China Teacher Brand, June 25, 2020

…. Well, you might have freedom to listen to different voices. You might have freedom to listen to different media. You have the freedom to go on social media. You have the freedom to speak and say What do you want. It is argued whether that is a good thing or a bad thing talking about that. But I want to talk about one sentence that a lawyer mentioning in an interview about China where we live now. The most important freedom that I can think of is an honest one, freedom from fear. And that is one freedom that a lot of immigrants, a lot of people of color in America in particular, don’t have. That’s a freedom that you don’t have,but we do in China. We might not have a lot of freedoms. There are some freedoms that we don’t have. We don’t have freedom to get on YouTube, Facebook. We didn’t have freedom whatever you want to list. But l, as a migrant to China, I understand the idea of freedom from fear. I came to China because I was tired of living in fear; petty crime serious crime, indiscriminate crime, was a problem in my country, and I heard other YouTubers talk about that China is the safest place in the world.
…. The sense of safety comes from that freedom of fear. Everybody talks about the different examples: You can walk around in the middle of the night, man a woman, and feel safe. I can leave my car unlocked and not worry. Okay, obviously things could go wrong, the right things could happen.

But it’s not like, “oh my God, what’s going to happen if I park here, in my country? For example, if you park by the roadside, you need to check all your mirrors, make sure that nobody’s following you, then you can open the doors of your car. And nobody’s around if you’re gonna get in your car; you do the same thing if you unlock the doors: if anybody us near my car.
… I mean and that is no way no way to live. So, I wanted to make this video to tell you, guys, that well, you might have some freedoms out there. There is freedom.

The Freedom from Fear is the one that brought me to China, is the one that brings a lot of people, that follow a lot of Latinos like myself in China. We are treated with respect; we have certain level of freedom. But l, more importantly, I’m not afraid for my life. I’m not afraid for my property. I’m not afraid to walk out on the street. That gives a quality of life that you can imagine. You can’t compare. So, aside from opportunities, well, job money, beautiful environment, friendly people saying hello everywhere; apart from all this, we have freedom from fear….

Tjan Sie Tek
A former licensed stock market analyst and investment advisor with 20+ years experience with M.Sc. in Finance from Leicester University; now a Chinese, US and Indonesian macroeconomic and financial analyst, CEO of Center for New Indonesia (CEFNI).


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