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Food-grade Desiccated Coconuts from Indonesia

Fine and extra-fine food-grade low fat coconut flour, made of fresh coconuts grown in Indonesia.

We are an exporter of fine and extra-fine granulated, halal & kosher-certified grade food-grade desiccated coconuts from Indonesia, Southeast Asia, to Europe, Asia etc..

Our products fulfill the requirements of all the importing countries:Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene, EU & FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with all other current national and international food laws and regulations.

Low Fat Extra Fine 40-50%


  1. Moisture Content, %                                                            2.5 maximum
  2. Total Low Fat (dry basis), %:                                               40%-50% & 45%-55%
  3. Free Fatty Acid (as lauric) dry basis, %:                               0.10 maximum
  4. Residual SO2, ppm:                                              Free
  5. pH (10% dispersion filtrate):                                               6.1 to 6.7
  6. Total Aflatoxins, ppb (DL: 4 ppb):                                        Not Detected

Organophosphorus pesticide residues, ppm (DL: 0.1 ppm): None Detected


  1. Total Plate Count, cfu/ml:                  5,000 cfu/gram maximum
  2. Yeast:                                    50 cfu/gram maximum
  3. Moulds:                                           50 cfu/gram maximum
  4. Enterobacteriaceae 100:                   100 cfu/gram maximum
  5. E. coli (Type I):                                Negative/10 grams
  6. Salmonella:                                     Negative/50 grams

The products can be an important part of the ingredients of your ice cream, cookies, bakery, chocolate, etc., etc. For product specifications or more info, please send your inquiries to:

PT Berkah Dewata Agri

228 Prof. Dr. Satrio Road, Jakarta 12940, Indonesia

Mobile & WA numbers: +62822 1000 8628 or +62821 2541 5678

email:, or

Desiccated Coconut-Low Fat-BB-40-50%-Extra Fine
Extra Fine Granules of 40%-50% Low Fat in a 25kg Bag
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Food-grade Desiccated Coconuts from Indonesia

We are an exporter of fine and extra-fine granulated, halal & kosher-certified grade food-grade desiccated coconuts from Indonesia, Southeast Asia, to Europe,...

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